What the nbn Means for Your Next Property Development Project

What the nbn Means for Your Next Property Development Project

November 2017
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What the nbn Means for Your Next Property Development Project

The nbn’s ambitious plan to connect Australia and bridge the digital divide is well underway.  But the rollout of the nbn across Australia is having an effect on property development planning & build processes.

This article aims to summarise the key points for property developers and other pertinent people involved in a development project, such as designers, contractors, builders and more.

Nbn build process: the 3 types

There are three ways the nbn network can be included in your development stage, depending on which type of building is being constructed:

  • Lead-in conduits (LIC) – typically for 3 or less premises or when all premises face an existing road.
  • Pit and pipe – for single unit dwellings (SDU), super lots, horizontal multi dwelling units (horizontal MDUs) & hybrid multi dwelling units (hybrid MDUs).
  • Pathway – typically for vertical multi dwelling units (MDU) and multi premises sites (MPS).

Nbn build process: steps to success

The process required varies depending on the type of property so refer to the links above for full details (the links have checklists and further documentation about design and engineering standards). 

However, this is a simple breakdown of responsibilities and actions for property developers:

  1. Once you’ve established which type of property your project fits into, the next step is to register your development with 1st stage application.
  2. The nbn team will review and approve your application.
  3. With this complete, you can get working on incorporating nbn network into your design plans. The developer is responsible for building the works required for nbn to install the network.
  4. The nbn team will review this.
  5. Install the infrastructure.
  6. Transfer ownership of infrastructure to nbn.
  7. Nbn will inspect the work and send certification of completion to developer.
  8. Nbn will complete install of technology infrastructure.

NBN Build Process: Other Things to Remember

  • Plan early: remember to think about nbn early in the building process and to consider the build process in your construction plan. Applying for nbn connection at least three months prior to civil works beginning helps ensure a smooth outcome for all.
  • Consider the hardware: The nbn is more than just digging holes and adding wiring. There will also be hardware you will need to consider. Think about where you want it located. Any nbn building requires a Utility Box on the outside and a Connection Box on the inside. These aren’t terribly attractive and have restrictions, such as that the two boxes can be no further than 40m apart or have more than three bends. 
  • And of course, don’t forget the benefits: The great thing about adding the nbn into your development project plans is that you can then promote it to prospective buyers when marketing the site, by offering “a more productive, more creative, more efficient and more connected solution for decades to come.”

Stay informed about the world of property development on our blog or watch our informative VICNSW and QLD Developer’s Corner videos here.

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