Introducing Roberts Pizzarotti: What Differentiates Them from Other Construction Businesses?

Introducing Roberts Pizzarotti: What Differentiates Them from Other Construction Businesses?

August 2017
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Introducing Roberts Pizzarotti: What Differentiates Them from Other Construction Businesses?

A new commercial and residential construction business is ready to wow the residents of Australia’s eastern seaboard. 

Mr. Andrew Roberts, former chief executive of Multiplex, is pairing up with well-known construction group Impresa Pizzarotti – a leading construction and infrastructure firm in Europe.  

The tier-one construction firm was officially announced in February this year. The new company, Roberts Pizzarotti, will begin by focusing on building construction projects for education, health, office and hotel sectors – particularly with the Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane areas.

A potential top-tier partnership

With the number of top-tier building companies plummeting from eight in 2006 to just two today, the market is ripe for this new entrant.

Impresa Pizzarotti Vice President Michele Pizzarotti said the partnership “bring[s] together experience, local knowledge and the strength of a well-established, large scale, international tier one construction and infrastructure firm”.

Pairing with one of Europe’s most experienced construction companies could give Roberts Pizzarotti an edge in winning new jobs.

Indeed, the family-owned business already looks set to become a top tier construction operator in the country after securing a deal with private Chinese group Aqualand to build two major Sydney apartment projects.

The creation of this new company heralds a growing phenomenon of local construction groups teaming up foreign companies to have better strategic partnerships and competition in the industry.  

Where to from here for Roberts Pizzarotti?

The partnership with Impresa Pizzarotti suggests Roberts Pizzarotti intends to carve a niche for itself in engineering and major infrastructure, with Impresa Pizzarotti already holding an outstanding reputation for infrastructure projects in Europe, including:

• Railways
• Gravity dams
• Subway
• Bypass
• Multi-motorway links
• Tramway
• Basin expansion
• Tunnels
• Highways
• Station extensions
• Expressway

This impressive list makes us excited to see how the company’s experience will be transferred to the newly adjoined business – residents can expect to see progressive structural changes coming to their areas soon!

Ms Mirams, who leads the new company, has also expressed interest in Robert Pizzarotti breaking into the defence sector.

A promising future

Roberts Pizzarotti aims to have “an uncompromising approach to quality – with our teams, our construction outcomes, and the relationships we foster with clients”. 

With an expanding market and a background of strong reputations, it wouldn’t be difficult to see Roberts Pizzarotti deliver top quality developments across Australia. 

There is no denying that this new construction company has the best interest of the eastern seaboard in mind. 

Considering Australia’s property markets are increasing, we expect the construction company to play a big hand in developments in the future.

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