episode 5: elliot o'shea - jll

episode 5: elliot o'shea - jll

14 March 2018
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This week on the Development Ready podcast, we have Investment Sales Manager and Investment Sales Executive at JLL, Elliot O’Shea and Blake Goddard.

We speak to the guys about their Real Estate journey and discuss topics such as:

  • Why the Brisbane market still offers great investment potential for investors
  • Which pockets of Brisbane are set to hit a boom
  • What developers should be considering
  • When evaluating the viability of a development site and
  • Why Adapting to a changing market is pivotal to a developers success

...plus much more

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Show notes

01:11 - Introduction

02:07 - Backgrounds, who they are

04:11 - JLL and their roles in the company

06:35 - Exposure to other elements of business

08:45 - Current market of development sites

11:11 - Foreign developers

12:56 - Settlement risk

14:18 - Commercial sales and investment markets

15:22 - Vendor expectations and how to manage them

19:06 - Holding onto assets for a more opportune time to develop

23:12 - Commercial investors turned developers because of market

24:59 - Sale trends in hot markets

27:41 - Value of commercial assets in Brisbane

29:19 - Outside investor interest in Brisbane

31:47 - Difficulties involved in transitioning across states

33:00 - Developing in one area

34:24 - Undervalued areas of Brisbane

36:01 - Evaluating areas to develop

38:18 - Important skills/attributes/roles of a good agent

42:46 - Agent perception transitioning to advisor

44:22 - Developer’s and investor’s expectations

48:05 - Best advice, life or business

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